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The Show

I owe a lot to Sean McCabe and all the good folks who work with him over at the seanwes network. I had listened to shows here or there, but one fateful day about two and a half years ago I queued up seanwes podcast episode one for my evening commute and I was hooked. It's been impacting my life for the better ever since. Sean is remarkable for his value and convictions as well as his work ethic. Sean is on three podcastepisodes every week as well as a daily video show (on hiatus as of this writing). He writes weekly newsletters and launches courses; the dude is just prolific. The production quality of the seanwes podcast is exceptional and it's ad-free.

If I have to boil it down to one sentence: seanwes podcast is a show about making a living doing what you love with a special emphasis on creativity and entrepreneurship. But it's more than that; Sean and Ben focus on big-picture ideas like mindset and values. Whether it's a concept that's new to you or a fresh look and reminder of something you already knew, these guys bring practicality and value to every show. That's saying a lot for an hour-long podcast that comes out twice a week. I cannot tell you how often I've caught myself agreeing with these guys out loud as I'm driving myself down the interstate.

I would heartily recommend this show to anyone who wants to accomplish their goals either in business or their personal lives. But brace yourselves; Sean and Ben will challenge you with big ideas and controversial opinions. Just remember that agreeing with everything they say is not a prerequisite to listening to the show. However, I would suggest you always give thoughtful consideration to what these guys talk about, even the viewpoints that you most adamantly disagree with can often offer valuable insights. Give the seanwes podcast a listen and I know the guys will make sure it's worth your time.

The Cover Art

The seanwes podcast
The seanwes podcast

Let's talk about the seanwes podcast cover art, after all that's what this site is all about. I had trouble describing the show in one sentence, but I have one word to describe the cover design: subtle. Sean has a background as a hand-lettering artist and it really shines in his cover art. The light-gray ampersand stands out nicely against the dark background without being to stark or jarring. The subtle handmade text around the ampersand really serve as more of texture or background element to the piece, maybe even to a fault. You really have to want to read the words to make them out in iTunes.

The decision not to include the podcast title or a true tagline is an interesting one that fits the 'subtle' theme Sean has going. He also didn't put anything about business or entrepreneurship in the title. While it's not what I would recommend for every new podcast, Sean has a deliberate strategy in place here. He aim is to almost vet his audience by making them work to find the podcast. The idea is that if you do end up listening to the show, you've probably been directed here by a friend or some of Sean's other work. Sean isn't chasing people down begging them to listen, he's making a great product and letting his audience come to him organically. This has helped seanwes build a fiercely loyal following.

The cover design and the way it works with the show really embodies how Sean has built his overall brand: focus unwaveringly on quality and value, everything else will follow.

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