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Boost Productivity with Brain.fm


What is Brain.fm?

Brain.fm is a web app that helps you "Conquer Your Brain" by playing AI-generated music that can help you focus, relax and even sleep. As you probably guessed based on the title of this post, I use Brain.fm to help me focus and increase productivity. When I first ran across the app I was incredulous, but they offer seven free sessions so I gave it a try.

Well said, Charles.
Well said, Charles.

Does it work?

I read that many people experience immediate results and I have to say that turned out to be my experience as well. I hate signing up for subscription services, but when I was out of free sessions I didn't hesitate to pull out my credit card. The company's mission is to "...solve ADD, Anxiety & Insomnia via audio brainwave training. Brain.fm is the first big step." That's something I want to be a part of and if it makes me more productive in the meantime, that a win-win. We all know I'm a big fan of win-win scenarios.

Is it really made by robots?

I guess so? Here's a quote from their website,

"We've spent a decade creating an AI engine that is capable of producing beautiful music that can be timed - with millisecond precision - to the rhythms required for auditory brainwave training. The music in Brain.fm may seem like it's made by humans, but is in fact powered a complex music-AI engine."

So it's generated by artificial intelligence; whatever that means.

...sounds fishy.

I've been using Brain.fm pretty regularly for close to half a year now and I am still impressed by the results. Their website goes into a lot of detail about audio neuroscience, omniphobic audio, brainwaves, and other things I don't fully understand. They presents studies and papers on their product and discuss their backgrounds in brainwave software; bottom line, these people know what they're doing.

I really couldn't explain the science behind how Brain.fm works, but it does have some clear benefits that even normal people like us can understand. First, Brain.fm is 100% distraction free. I open the web page, click on 'Focus' then 'Intense' and away we go. No ads. No time wasted, browsing my music library or picking a playlist. I swear that half the downfall of Spotify as a productivity tool is that I keep going back to pick a new album or artist. Brain.fm cuts through all that crap.

Simple and effective.
Simple and effective.

I've created an association for myself between Brain.fm and writing. Anytime my brain hears that cool underwater music or melodic thunderstorm, he knows it's time to get to work. This association only increases the effectiveness of Brain.fm over time.

Other Uses

I've only used Brain.fm to improve my focus. I can't vouch for it's effectiveness in relaxation or as a sleep aid. I've also read good things about the app being really helpful to people with ADD or ADHD. Again, I can't really comment on that from personal experience.

Are there any negatives?

Brain.fm does have a 'progress' page that has a bunch of graphs and analytics, which sounds awesome. However, the analytics seem to be a bit of work in progress. I don't get much information out of these graphs other than the number of times I've used the app, which isn't all that useful. Hopefully the folks over at Brain.fm have plans to flesh out this feature; this site does say that it's still in beta.

Brain.fm is awesome for focussing, but I sometimes have trouble getting started. It's not the apps' fault at all, but I am still pretty good at "procrastiworking". However, once I point myself at a task or article productivity is excellent.


Even as a person who has always been pretty good at focusing, Brain.fm has made a notable improvement on my productivity. Maybe it can do the same for you. With seven free session available, there no reason not to find out.

I don't work for Brain.fm or get any kind of commission. I just really like the product and wanted to share it with my readers so they could benefit as well.

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